(Wild Bill) Super Bowlzzz

Super Bowlzzz (Tribute to Dolly Parton)

(Wild Bill) As good as it Getz

As good as it Getz

(Wild Bill) Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel (Leiden 3 oktober)

(wild Bill) Flexible Ego

Flexible Ego

(wild Bill) All alone with an Icecreamcone

All alone with an Icecreamcone

(wild Bill) Not the 7 Samurai

Not the 7 Samurai (Tribute to Elmer Bernstein)

(wild Bill) Heaven Can't Wait

Heaven Can't Wait

(Wild Bill) mr Joe Bangles

mr Joe Bangles

(wild Bill) Air Miles

Air Miles


About the compositions and the process of composing:

Some of these tunes where written while I was taking a warm bath. I do this every morning and when I want to write a certain kind of piece or have a deadline, ideas come to me when I'm relaxed. My keyboard (a very cheap but wonderful Casio) is about two meters from the bath so when an idea comes to me I just hop out of the bath an write it down. A couple of other melodies came to me while I was riding my bike, -cooking a meal or -watching tv.
Of course these melodic bits or harmonic ideas are only the beginning of a composition.
Working out a tune can take from a couple of hours to days, weeks and even months. What I try to do is make a tune that is; fun to play, fun to improvise over and a joy to listen to. It must be reasonably easy to play (a good musician should be able to play it on site) but also have substance. What I like to hear is something that surprises me. Rooted in tradition but with originality.
Not being a very good piano player (lets face it: I'm a real bad piano player) is sometimes frustrating, but this forces me to really hear, sing or whistle what I want to write. As a result most of the tunes have easy, melodic melodies. It has been an absolute joy writing these tunes and an even greater joy hearing them come to life (thanks to a couple of great musicians). I hope you will enjoy them as well.

Sincerely yours,

Willem Kiewiet de Jonge