(Wild Bill) Super Bowlzzz

Super Bowlzzz (Tribute to Dolly Parton)

(Wild Bill) As good as it Getz

As good as it Getz

(Wild Bill) Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel (Leiden 3 oktober)

(wild Bill) Flexible Ego

Flexible Ego

(wild Bill) All alone with an Icecreamcone

All alone with an Icecreamcone

(wild Bill) Not the 7 Samurai

Not the 7 Samurai (Tribute to Elmer Bernstein)

(wild Bill) Heaven Can't Wait

Heaven Can't Wait

(Wild Bill) mr Joe Bangles

mr Joe Bangles

Going Places - Wild Bill 21

Going Places - Wild Bill 21


About the compositions and the process of composing:

Some of these tunes where written while I was taking a warm bath. I do this every morning and when I want to write a certain kind of piece or have a deadline, ideas come to me when I'm relaxed. My keyboard (a very cheap but wonderful Casio) is about two meters from the bath so when an idea comes to me I just hop out of the bath an write it down. A couple of other melodies came to me while I was riding my bike, -cooking a meal or -watching tv.
Of course these melodic bits or harmonic ideas are only the beginning of a composition.
Working out a tune can take from a couple of hours to days, weeks and even months. What I try to do is make a tune that is; fun to play, fun to improvise over and a joy to listen to. It must be reasonably easy to play (a good musician should be able to play it on site) but also have substance. What I like to hear is something that surprises me. Rooted in tradition but with originality.
Not being a very good piano player (lets face it: I'm a real bad piano player) is sometimes frustrating, but this forces me to really hear, sing or whistle what I want to write. As a result most of the tunes have easy, melodic melodies. It has been an absolute joy writing these tunes and an even greater joy hearing them come to life (thanks to a couple of great musicians). I hope you will enjoy them as well.

Sincerely yours,

Willem Kiewiet de Jonge